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Date Event Placing Time Gap Class Class Placing
05/07/2020 10km Series Mana 10km 9th 53m 6s +7m 17s Masters Men Multi/Ski 3rd
30/06/2019 Kayak Krazy 10km Series MANA 10km 14th 47m 54s +7m 22s Men Multi Masters 4th
30/06/2019 Kayak Krazy 10km Series Hawkes Bay 10km 7th 1h 1m 52s +3m 51s Male Multi Masters 5th
25/05/2019 Kayak Krazy 10km Series Whanganui 10km 13th 44m 27s +5m 55s Male Masters 3rd
04/05/2019 Kayak Krazy 10km Series Whanganui 10km 9th 1h 7m 11.7s +10m 24.5s Male Multi Masters 3rd
23/09/2018 Ruamahanga River-28km Ruamahunga 7th 2h 6m 8s +13m 58s Vet Men 2nd
16/09/2018 Cambridge to Hamilton Cambridge to Hamilton 17th 1h 43m 35s +15m 5s MALE MASTER (50-59) 5th
28/02/2017 Kupe Twilight: 28 Feb 2017 Round the Fountian with a little extra 17th 45m 18s +7m 32s Male 16th
21/02/2017 Kupe Twilight: 21 Feb 2017 4 Long Laps 13th 42m 34s +9m 29s Male 9th
16/04/2016 Ice Water - Race 1 10km 4th 1h 3m 46s +3m 6s Surf Ski - M 3rd
09/10/2015 Foxton Loop 8km Short Course 1st 42m 25s - Open Short Course Men 1st
24/03/2015 Kupe Twilight - 24 Mar 15 4 Laps - Evans Bay 5th 35m 3s +2m 44s K1-Male 5th
10/03/2015 Kupe Twilight - 10 Mar 15 4 laps Evans Bay ~7km 2nd 35m 8s +1m 55s K1-Male 2nd
03/03/2015 Kupe Twilight - 3 Mar 15 4 Laps Evans Bay ~7km 3rd 34m 52s +1m 51s K1-Male 3rd
24/02/2015 Kupe Twilight - 24 Feb 15 Fountain ~7.2km 2nd 37m 3s +1m 18s K1-Male 2nd
17/02/2015 Kupe Twilight - 17 Feb 15 Fountain ~7.2km 3rd 36m 17s +3m 8s K1-Male 2nd
10/02/2015 Kupe Twilight - 10 Feb 15 Fountain ~7.2km 5th 38m 16s +3m 23s K1-Male 4th
03/02/2015 Kupe Twilight - 3 Feb 15 3 laps Cobham Drive ~6km 3rd 32m 6s +1m 47s K1-Male 3rd
20/01/2015 Kupe Twilight - 20 Jan 15 Around Fountian 6th 39m 16s +5m 13s K1-Male 5th
17/10/2014 Foxton Loop 18km Kayak 9th 1h 43m 47s +15m 14s Vet Open Men 1st
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