Series Leader

Jack Clifton (24)

Race Info
Sunday, June 28, 2020
Bay of Plenty (Bay Of Plenty)
10 kms
Series Placing Name Series Points Class Event Placing Time Gap
1st Max Brown 10 Open 1st 44m 5s -
2nd Kurtis Imrie 8 Open 2nd 44m 7s +2s
3rd Sam Newlands 7 Open 3rd 44m 34s +29s
4th Liam Lace 6 Open 4th 44m 36s +31s
5th Sam Ferkins 5 Open 5th 45m 3s +58s
6th Fletcher Moles 4 Open 6th 45m 50s +1m 45s
7th Ethan Moore 3 Open 7th 46m 34s +2m 29s
8th Jake Koekemoer 2 Open 8th 46m 37s +2m 32s
9th Tim Waller 1 Open 9th 46m 38s +2m 33s
10th Taris Harker 1 Open 10th 46m 40s +2m 35s
11th Jonny Laver 1 Open 14th 50m 19s +6m 14s
12th Phil Pirie 1 Open 22nd 54m 55s +10m 50s
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