Series Leaders
Open (16-39):

Toby Brooke (896)

Masters (40-49):

Garth Spencer (835)

Vet (50-59):

Sean Murphy (856)

Classic (60+):

Barrie Baker (549)

Race Info
Saturday, August 18, 2018
Bay Of Plenty (Bay Of Plenty)
10 kms
Series Placing Name Series Points Class Event Placing Time Gap
1st Zach Ferkins 200 Open (16-39) 1st 52m 34s -
2nd Hamish Legarth 199 Open (16-39) 2nd 52m 45s +11s
3rd Toby Brooke 198 Open (16-39) 3rd 54m 21s +1m 47s
4th Tuva'a Clifton 197 Open (16-39) 4th 54m 23s +1m 49s
5th Matt Archer 196 Masters (40-49) 5th 54m 39s +2m 5s
6th Sam Newlands 195 Open (16-39) 6th 54m 54s +2m 20s
6th Daniel Peacock 195 Open (16-39) 6th 54m 54s +2m 20s
8th Fletcher Moles 193 Open (16-39) 8th 55m 59s +3m 25s
9th Vaughan Reed 192 Masters (40-49) 9th 56m 48s +4m 14s
10th Brian Scott 191 Masters (40-49) 10th 56m 50s +4m 16s
11th Sean Murphy 190 Vet (50-59) 11th 57m 14s +4m 40s
12th David Blackford 189 Masters (40-49) 12th 58m 2s +5m 28s
13th Brendon Metcalfe 188 Masters (40-49) 15th 59m 51s +7m 17s
14th Jonathon Alsop 187 Masters (40-49) 16th 1h 51s +8m 17s
15th Jonty Lavar 186 Open (16-39) 17th 1h 1m 27s +8m 53s
15th Logan Sanko 186 Open (16-39) 17th 1h 1m 27s +8m 53s
17th Derek Stewart 184 Vet (50-59) 21st 1h 4m 59s +12m 25s
18th Alfie Wilson 183 Open (16-39) 23rd 1h 6m 11s +13m 37s
19th Geoff Mould 182 Vet (50-59) 24th 1h 7m 2s +14m 28s
20th Ross Heald 181 Vet (50-59) 25th 1h 7m 7s +14m 33s
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