Race Info
Sunday, March 21, 2021
Anywhere in the world (Wellington)
12 kms
Event Placing Name Class Gender Time Gap
1st Double Jimmy Feathery & Fiona Dowling Open Male 50m 52s -
2nd Ben Keyes Open Male 51m 19s +27s
3rd Double Ben Keys & Carly Keys Open Male 51m 41s +49s
4th Reid Forrest Masters (35 to 44) Male 52m 35.1s +1m 43.1s
5th Toby Brooke Open Male 53m 53s +3m 1s
6th Tupuria King Open Male 53m 57s +3m 5s
7th Jonas Ecker Under 23 Male 54m 19s +3m 27s
8th Daniel Peacock Open Male 56m 24s +5m 32s
9th Wilson Reavley Under 23 Male 56m 25s +5m 33s
10th Trav Mitchell Open Male 56m 36s +5m 44s
11th Tamas Pinter Vet' (45 to 54) Male 56m 54s +6m 2s
12th Double Carly Keys & Tara Smith Open Female 57m 1s +6m 9s
13th Tim Grammar Vet' (45 to 54) Male 57m 5s +6m 13s
14th Paul Moreno Masters (35 to 44) Male 57m 10s +6m 18s
15th Carly Keys Open Female 57m 11s +6m 19s
16th Double Rob Jenkinson & Julie Jenkinson Salty Sea-dog (55+) Male 57m 46s +6m 54s
17th Clemens Wulkopf Under 23 Male 57m 50s +6m 58s
18th Rob Jenkinson Salty Sea-dog (55+) Male 57m 59s +7m 7s
19th Ana Swetish Under 23 Female 58m 16.1s +7m 24.1s
20th Tim Peacock Vet' (45 to 54) Male 58m 30s +7m 38s
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