Our Mission:

To create an archive of results of every race ever.

Why are we doing this?

Have you ever wanted to analyse your results from past events? Did you spend hours googling and digging through PDF's trying to find your name? Did you get really annoyed?

Well we did. And so to save others from the pain we have set out to capture the results of every race ever and create an athlete profile that rivals those of professional leagues around the world.

Do you have results to contribute?

If you have results you would like us to include on Result HQ please email them through in a spreadsheet format to admin@resulthq.com.

Sample spreadsheet

Series points calculations

If you are running a series and need assistance calculating the points then please contact us.

We can calculate the points based on a number of algorithms including time, placing, number of competitors in the race, etc.

Contact Us:

Need to get in touch? Either email or facebook message us at: