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Date Event Placing Time Gap Class Class Placing
07/05/2022 King of the Harbour King of the Harbour 68th 1h 54m +27m 30s Male 62nd
12/06/2020 NZ Surfski Champs NZ Virtual Surfski Champs 75th 1h 8m 22s +18m 21s Open M 18th
02/02/2020 Bhutty Moore Moore-morial 62nd 2h 53m 16s +36m 34s 60-69 Mens Individual - Ski 2nd
30/11/2019 King of the Harbour King of the Harbour 56th 1h 54m 55s +26m 29s Surfski (Oceanski) Single 47th
21/08/2011 CRNZ 10km Series - Auckland 10km 25th 1h 4m 17s +11m 58s M - Open 15th
26/05/2011 CRNZ 10km Series - Mairangi Bay Surf Club 10km 27th 54m 25s +10m 22s 50+ 7th
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