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Date Event Placing Time Gap Class Class Placing
07/05/2022 King of the Harbour King of the Harbour 36th 1h 45m 29s +18m 59s Male 33rd
21/03/2021 Virtual Surfski Champs Virtual Surfski Champs 37th 1h 4m 6s +13m 14s Vet' (45 to 54) 7th
06/12/2020 King/Queen of the Harbour King of the Harbour 32nd 2h 7m 11s +18m 43s Surfski (Oceanski) Single 28th
30/03/2019 King of the Harbour King/Queen of the Harbour 53rd 2h 13m 6s +38m 12s Surfski - Single - Male 43rd
10/02/2019 Naumi Hotels Aotearoa Downwind Champs Aotearoa Downwind Champs 19th 2h 14m 24s +12m 50s Male - Senior Master 7th
02/02/2019 Bhutty Moore Bhutty Moore 46th 3h 14m 50s +35m 19s Ski - 40 - 49 Mens individual Ski 11th
29/04/2018 King of the Harbour King of the Harbour 54th 1h 51m 58s +23m 32s Surfski - M 51st
03/02/2018 Bhutty Moore Bhutty Moore 102nd 3h 54m 10s +1h 30m 36s Men - Ski 40th
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