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Date Event Placing Time Gap Class Class Placing
03/07/2022 10km Series Whanganui 1 10km 8th 52m 11s +10m 49s Open Female 10 km 1st
29/08/2020 NZ 10km Champs Rotorua 10km 28th 59m 41s +11m 53s Open Women 3rd
22/08/2020 Foxton Champs - 10km 10km 18th 1h 17m 15s +14m 48s K1 8th
09/08/2018 Dunedin Winter Series - Blueskin Bay 10km 10th 52m 13s +7m 23s F Multisport 1st
17/09/2017 Dunedin Winter Paddler 14.06km 10th 1h 23m 6s +10m 12s Female-K1-Open (18-39) 1st
24/08/2013 CRNZ 10km Series - Race 8: Waitara 10km 30th 58m 25s +14m 4s F-U16 3rd
17/08/2013 CRNZ 10km Series - Race 6: Wanganui 5km 4th 27m 58s +3m 43s f-U16 1st
16/06/2012 CRNZ 10km Series - Wanganui 2012 6km 5th 42m 56s +7m 48s F - U15 1st
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