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Date Event Placing Time Gap Class Class Placing
06/02/2022 Bhutty Moore Bhutty Moore 63rd 3h 11m 37s +46m 6s 50-59 Mens Individual - Outrigger Canoe 5th
02/02/2020 Bhutty Moore Moore-morial 53rd 2h 49m 56s +33m 14s 40-49 Mens Individual - Outrigger Canoe 6th
02/02/2019 Bhutty Moore Bhutty Moore 54th 3h 20m 6s +40m 35s Outrigger - 40-49 Mens Individual 7th
03/02/2018 Bhutty Moore Bhutty Moore 47th 2h 55m 15s +31m 41s Men - Outrigger 18th
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